What is a “Grace Breakthrough?”

Imagine you are in a prison cell on death row for murder. Then the judge himself walks into your cell, and says, “You’re free to go. Someone else took care of your debt to society.”

“Who?” you ask, not really believing it.

“My son. He did it because I wanted him to.”

You leave the cell, but you don’t really believe you’re free. You still think of yourself as a criminal and a murderer. You’re just waiting for the police to pick you up and bring you back to prison. So you keep running and hiding.

Then the judge comes looking for you. He wants you to live in his big house and he has a job for you. He says he’ll help you change your life.  At first you resist. You just can’t believe he would help you. He keeps being kind to you, and gradually your guard comes down. You slowly start trusting him.

Then the judge tells you the most amazing thing. He wants to adopt you as his adult child so you can really be part of his family and receive everything that belongs to him. His love and kindness finally reach your heart. You receive this undeserved favor from the judge. You start calling him, “Dad.” Now that’s a grace breakthrough!

That’s a picture of how your Abba Father relates to you with grace, extravagant kindness that you could never earn.

(Special thanks to Dr. David Eckman for his course, Becoming What God Intended. The Biblical concept of adult adoption as God’s child is in this course. See Recommendations tab.)

The Need for Grace Breakthroughs

Let me ask you some questions:

  • Do you believe that Jesus gave His life so you could be forgiven and experience life as God’s beloved child?
  • How do you view yourself?
  • What is your mental image of God? Angry at you? Disappointed with you? Or delighting in you and loving you?
  • When you have a crisis in your life, do you run to the Father or do you turn away in hurt and try to work things out on your own?
  • Do you struggle with sin or addictions?
  • Are you tired of trying to be a good Christian?
  • Do you feel fearful, anxious or discouraged because of circumstances or relationships?
  • Do you long to have a life of meaning and purpose?
  • Do you want a closer relationship with God?
  • Are you ready for a change?

Grace breakthroughs…God’s work in our hearts and lives by the Holy Spirit and at the cost of Christ’s death for us. We all need this continuing work in our lives.

God longs to give grace to His children. Come to Him in humility and brokenness. Admit your need. He’ll meet you.

Experience Grace Breakthroughs!

Below is a chart that gives an example of Grace Breakthroughs.

We experience a need. A wall keeps us from receiving all that God longs to give us. God in His grace breaks through the wall. Instead of focusing on our sin and weakness, we see the beauty and glory of Christ our Lord and Savior. Our focus changes. We begin to believe and experience the love God has for us. We enjoy an intimate love relationship with God and are changed by His Spirit. We realize our calling and purpose in this world and that we are on a mission in union with God Himself.

This is real joy!

 GB Framework

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