My Guest Post: Abba Father’s Answer to Fear


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My Guest Post: Abba Father’s Answer to Fear

I had the honor of writing a guest post for my friend, Valerie Murray, for her “Facing Fear Series.” Click on the link below, and you’ll be able to read it:

My Guest Post at

In this post, I share very personally about my struggles with the fear of rejection. You’ll be amazed at what our Father did. You’ll see what a blue parakeet had to do with it, too.

God’s Word and His presence bring reassuring comfort and courage to us when we face fear. I hope my testimony of our loving Abba Father’s work in my life will bring you encouragement.

Here is the link to my guest post: My Guest Post at

Many blessings to you in this new year!




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  1. Valerie says:

    It was an honor to have your guest post, Christine! Thank you for sharing such an honest post about the fear of rejection. I know that so many people struggle with longing to feel accepted. Your post provides such hope and shares the beautiful love that our Savior has for us in those deep times of need. I’m so glad to know you! You are such a blessing!

    • Christine says:

      Thank you, Valerie, for your kind encouragement. Blessed to know you! Thank you for all the work you did on the “Facing Fear Series.” You have touched the hearts of so many.

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