Let’s journey together & experience grace breakthroughs that lead to an amazing life!

Welcome to Grace Breakthroughs!

My prayer is that you will encounter our loving God and Savior Jesus Christ and experience His grace in a deeper way than you ever imagined possible.

My goal is to encourage you to live the life Jesus died to give you. I hope to write eBooks, Bible studies, blog posts (once a week), and online courses–that will spur you on in your faith and that will stir you to seek after what your heart longs for, an intimate love relationship with God and a changed life filled with His life and presence.

May you experience the joy and freedom of grace!

About You

Are you ready for a change? Are you stuck and want to get free? Are you hurting? Feel discouraged? Are you tired of trying to live as a Christian and not meeting “the standard.” Or do you just want a closer relationship with God?

Whatever your need, I believe the God of all grace will meet you and give you a breakthrough into what He longs to give you. You will be surprised and overwhelmed by His love.

Come to the Lord as you are. Come with an open heart. Come broken. Come in humility.

God gives grace to the humble (see 1 Peter 5:5).

About Me


I am Christine L’Heureux. I am God’s beloved and He’s my Abba Father.

I didn’t always believe that. In fact learning to trust God as my Father was a struggle. My father was schizophrenic and he really scared me when I was a child. My mom, my younger sister and I had to escape from him. Life with dad was that bad. He was abusive, and he terrorized us. My mom told me that he threatened to kill us one time when I was crying.

I am God’s beloved and He’s my Abba Father. I really like writing that now. Kinda chokes me up. It’s the truth that set me free. That is one of my grace breakthroughs.

My mom divorced my dad and remarried. I did not like having a different dad. We didn’t get along for years. He thought you whacked kids in the face or used a belt to discipline them. Needless to say, I was angry and hurting. Mom herself was broken and centered on her own neediness and wounds so no help there. I was angry at her, too. The love and comfort I wanted from her, she was unable to give.

I looked for love in my growing up years, something to fill my wounded heart. A self-destructive lifestyle lead me away from what I was really seeking. God my Father was seeking me and in 1973, we met for a very dramatic grace breakthrough when David Wilkerson spoke at a meeting in Portland, Oregon. He wrote The Cross and the Switchblade, an amazing true story. I read his book when I was in high school. That book gave me hope that my life could change. So when the author came to town, I had a choice–go to the bars or go to the meeting. Thank God! I went to the meeting. The Lord touched my heart and I knew He was alive and there. His presence was very real and I was so excited and filled with joy.

My life changed a lot when God got a hold of me at that meeting. I exited the self-destructive lifestyle, but I still didn’t understand God’s love. I just thought I had to do everything right from then on. I was still hurting and felt shame and guilt.

I got into a good church and decided to go to Bible school in Canada. This was part of God’s plan for me. I believed in junior high school that God wanted me to be a missionary. When I “got right with God,” I knew that was the way to go. The Bible school was a really good one, but I saw the Bible as a rule book that pointed out my sin. Sometimes I wanted to give up and quit. I couldn’t follow all the rules. I focused on sin and how badly I was doing. I did not understand grace and all that Jesus did for me on the Cross. Jesus kept trying to tell me who I am and who He is. So hard to understand love when you didn’t receive nurturing, protective love from your parents.

Well, long story, shorter…I graduated from Bible school and went to Japan as a missionary in 1981. Funny thing. In Japan in my mission organization, OMF International, I experienced the love of family. Grace breakthrough after grace breakthrough…many, many of them, my heart began to grasp the love and grace of God, and oh, did I enjoy sharing it with the Japanese! A few of them got it! Wow! What great times we had talking about God and His work in our lives. I can’t wait to tell you about the two sisters (read the first four blog posts for their stories). You will be amazed at their grace breakthroughs.

I came back to the States in 1998. I thought I would get my Master’s in Counseling at Colorado Christian University where Dr. Larry Crabb was teaching. My dream for years was to study under him.  Then I heard the program was cancelled. Life did not turn out as I planned. Shattered dreams…

Then something sad and yet amazing happened. I heard my dad was dying, the dad we ran away from. I went to see him. I was with him when he died. That was a healing time for both of us–he went on to heaven, no more mental illness (he was a Christian), and I experienced healing by being there for him and loving him.

Oh, and then in 2005 I got breast cancer. So glad I was here in California with my family. I had five surgeries and felt God carrying me through that whole ordeal. One thing I learned was that with God I could get through anything. That was a grace breakthrough–given the power to get through it with peace. And now ten years later and I’m still cancer free! I’m celebrating!

Well, that’s a lot about me. And not even the whole story of God’s breakthroughs in my life. Oh, I didn’t tell you about the love of my life, my little blind dog, Abby. More about her later.

Grace, grace, grace. That’s it. All the way through my life. One grace breakthrough after another. The result–I know who I am and I know who God is. I am His beloved and He is my Abba Father. Nothing better than relationship with Him. His love overwhelms me.

Want to learn more about grace? More about God’s love? Hang out with me here. He loves to reveal Himself. I still need grace everyday. I still need grace breakthroughs.

Want to tell your story? I want to hear.  You can write a short version in the blog comments or you can email me a longer version at

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I want to let you know that I’m an active member in a really good church, Valley Bible Church in Hercules, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Come and visit if you’re in the area. Dr. Phillip Howard is a great pastor who preaches God’s Word and loves Jesus.