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1. Welcome to Grace Breakthroughs!

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Welcome to Grace Breakthroughs! My name is Chris L’Heureux. My goal is to encourage your growth in understanding and experiencing the grace of God. My desire is that this website and all that is shared here will lead you into a deeper experience of God Himself and His love.

If you have struggled with understanding God’s love and grace for you and with living as a Christian, then this blog is for you. If you want to experience all that Jesus died to give you, join me on this grace journey!

My prayer is that we will experience more breakthroughs in our understanding of the Father’s grace so that we will have an even deeper love and trust relationship with Him.

You are invited to leave comments and feedback. You can also write a short testimony of God’s grace that you experienced. You can leave a prayer request, too. I will read all comments and will reply as I am able. I have a day job with commute time, too.

OK, let’s get started on this grace journey….

Where to begin? How about with the story of two Japanese sisters who knew very little about Jesus and probably nothing about grace. Why would they need grace? How would the Lord reveal His grace to them?Spacer1x1

Grace Breakthroughs for Two Japanese Sisters

On my “About” page I told you I would tell you about the two sisters. Their stories are so amazing and so filled with the love and grace of God. I can’t wait to tell you about these dear friends of mine. I’m going to take a few days to tell their stories so that you can more fully enjoy and savor the depths of God’s love revealed to them.

Today I’ll set the stage for these grace breakthroughs.

Tomorrow you’ll hear about the grace I experienced before these stories happened.

The next day the older sister will tell her heart-touching story.

Then the fourth day the younger sister will amaze you with her testimony.

What happened about 26 years ago still impacts my life today. You’ll soon understand why.

Grace Breakthroughs for Japan

My first trip to Japan was in the summer of 1976 when I was a Bible school student. I taught English in a church in Osaka and stayed with the pastor and his family. I fell in love with the Japanese people and the country. What a life-transforming summer!

When I graduated from Bible school three years later, I followed my God-given heart’s desire to go back to Japan as a missionary with OMF International, formerly the China Inland Mission founded by J. Hudson Taylor in 1865. I longed to see the Japanese come to know the love and grace of God.

However, serving in Japan was not going to be easy.  So few Japanese are Christians, less than .5%. For so many years missionaries have prayed for breakthrough in Japan that God would open the hearts of the Japanese to believe the gospel. Why do so few believe?

  • The Japanese view Christianity as a Western religion.
  • The Japanese are Buddhist and Shinto as a culture and might send their children to a Christian kindergarten. They can’t see why only Jesus Christ is the way to God.
  • Japanese are obligated to pray to their ancestors and the eldest son and his family must maintain the family Buddhist altar in their home.
  • To become a Christian is to become unJapanese in their minds. They are leaving behind their cultural practices, ancestor worship for one.
  • The Japanese do not have a concept of sin. They are a “shame culture.” Committing a crime would bring shame on the family. This would be sin to them.
  • The concept of grace is very strange to a culture that is based on duty and obligation. You give me a gift so I must give you a gift. You offend me, I will never forgive you. Free gifts and forgiveness are so much a part of grace, but not Japanese culture.
  • Receiving anything just by faith and not needing to work for it is almost impossible to understand. You must earn what you receive.

Bible studies, English classes, cooking classes, hanging out with the Japanese, listening to their hearts, enjoying them, telling them about Jesus, working in churches, leading two churches temporarily until the missionaries returned from home assignment, praying, enjoying the Lord’s presence and fellowship…six years, yes, six years, friendships formed and developed but no one had believed in the Lord through my ministry. Had I failed? What do you think? Use the contact form to let me know how you evaluate success and failure. Have you ever called yourself a failure? Was it truth or a lie? More to come…please go to the next day.